Alexandre Sosnowsky
aka Sacha Sosno
artist / sculptor
the art of obliteration


“Sosno, the pleasure of enigmas.” This foregrounding of beauty helps hide a mystery. Beware when Sacha presents you with a Greek statue or a beautiful academic face. This foregrounding of beauty helps hide a mystery. Not really hide it, but when a kind of grace attracts the viewer, it directs the eye towards the place where the enigmas lie, at the back, on the side, behind a wall, between two shadows. Thanks to his obliterations, walls turn into poetry, the countryside into a ballad and cities into operas...O.K. That’ll do! I’m starting to get it. What does “Sacha” hide? Suffering metamorphosed into beauty? Perhaps. Some affection to be shared? But of course! Boris Cyrulnik « A ciel ouvert… » Edition Verlhac, 2013.

"Le Guetteur 2015...", sculpture habitée en Aluminium
20 m de haut
Polygone Riviera (groupe Socri)
Cagnes-sur-Mer, France
Springing into a Serene Morning
Photograph taken during the installation 6 m. x 10 m.
New CBD, City of Beijing, China ( in city centre)
Looking at Arenas
Bronze and black granite
Height : 7 m.
Arenas Business Centre, Nice.
Elyse Palace Hotel
Architect : Gerges Maragrita
Bronze and granite
Height: 26 m.
Nice, France
There is No Obstacle any more, 2007 Bronze
Height: 2,5 m. Weight: 2,8 tons
Cagnes-sur-Mer race-course, France
Liberators Monument, 1991
Concrete, granite and B 26 remains
Parc du Mercantour (06), France
Open air Coup, 1979
Obliteration of a Renault 4 here
exhibited in Geneva, Galerie Cours St Pierre, Switzerland
Face of the Square Head
Inhabited Sculpture
Hieght: 28 m. (seven storeys)
Muse dArt Moderne et dArt Contemporain, Nice, France
Homage to Romain Rolland, 1999
Architect: Yves Bayard
Whie marble
Hieght: 16 m.
Technical High School, Bayeux, France
Four Seasons Fountain
White Carrara marble and Blue Bahia granite pedestal
2,4 m.-high blocks
Menton, France
Elyse Palace Hotel, 1988
Photograph of installation
Architect: Georges Margarita
Bronze and granite
Height: 26 m.
Nice, France
The Great Universal Obliterator, 2008
Cut-out rusted steel
1,8 m. x 2,2 m.
Nice, France
Head (foliated), 2010
An architectural project.
Obliterated Venus 1993
Cut-out steel
Third Monte Carlo Sculpture Biennial
Height : 3,10 m.
(in the course of installation)
I alone in Darkness
Installation of 3 white marble columns
Second Monte Carlo Sculpture Biennial
Height: 3,10 m.
Draped in the Void
White Carrara marble
2 m.
Beyond Blocks, an architectural project aftera sculpture by Sosno with architect Ryts Daukanas
Height: 36 m. Totalling 2400 sq m.
Plated Car, obliteration with steel plates Galerie de la Salle, St Paul de Vence
Exclamation Mark, 1995
Cut-out steel
The Mote in ones Neighbours Eye An architectural project after a sculpture by Sosno with architect Ryts Daukanas
Height: 22 m. Total of 600 sq m.
High and Low Turn to Each Other, 1986 Aluminium and steel, biXXXX alloy structure, stuck in a block of concrete, 340 x 400
Project for Techniczal High School in Hyres, France
Square Head, 2002
Architects: Yves Bayard and Francis Chapus
Enginnering : Guy Fillon
Inhabited Sculpture
Hieght: 28 m. ( seven storeys)
Library, Nice, France
major works
    greatest works and projects Sosno

    Born in Marseilles in 1937, Sacha Sosno grew up between Riga and Nice, where, in 1948, he discovered painting and happened to live in a flat next to Matisse’s. In 1956, he bumped into Arman and Yves Klein. As a result of seeing Klein’s monochromes, he burnt all the paintings he had made. In 1958, he enrolled at Sciences Po in Paris, then at the Ecole Nationale des Langues Orientales and spent some time at the Faculty of Law and at the Sorbonne Film Institute. Coming back to Nice, in 1961, he launched a review, Sud Communications, in which he expounded the first theory of the School of Nice and befriended Martial Raysse. Between 1967 and 1969, he entered the world of the media, became an author, a columnist and as a war correspondent, was sent to Biafra, Bangladesh and Northern Ireland. He then returned to painting, using his first obliterated photographs as a starting-point. The concept of obliteration – to hide in order to see better – was later developed in the field of sculpture and architecture. Back in Paris, he carried out the first productions of video art and sociological art, performances and painting on sensitive photographic canvas. There followed a series of long-distance voyages, exhibitions, writings, archeological investigations, architectural commissions and monumental sculptures.

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    Interview 2013
    Interview with Ralph Hutchings
    magazine Nice and You
    15 mins
    Interviews & Projects

    Sosno’s workshop is situated in Nice, in the midst of olive-tree fields, in the peace and calm of the Hills of Bellet, a place where famous AOC wines are produced – actually Sosno himself had a vineyard and made wine for 17 years !

    After giving up his workshops in New York and Paris, Sacha Sosno has resumed all his activities here, such as drawing, elaborating architectural projects, making plaster casts and prototypes. Bronzes are cast in Italy mainly, while works in steel are cast in the Alpes Maritimes before returning to the workshop where they receive the finishing touch and their patina.